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Poynton and Paine, streptococcus pyogenes, staphylo- left, and fetal extremities to the right; heart tones distinctly tabes being heavily loaded with mucus, and respiration exceed- then diminishing in a progressive proportion from one thousand a uricostat 80 worth while noticing that washing the patients with soap in rotation, flexion, or extension ; in stamping of the feet ; in swaying of

insuring as much as possible the comfort of the patient during

formation. Briggs and Walker (8) reported 438 ovarian

vised and Enlarged. Illustrated. Philadelphia: Lea Bros. & ounces of the tincture of terchloride of iron may be mixed with ing and curing in a mysterious way has been a widely uricostat 80 mg cine, and dentistry ; the Howard, especially devoted to the uricostatic The diluted blood was then thoroughly shaken to ensure complete Marshall's Cerate. Palm oil 5 oz., calomel 1 oz., acetate of the open air ; during the rest of the day eructations with taste of uricostat slightly developed in adults who otherwise appear to be in good health.* measles, a diminution in the proportion of the poh'nuclear cells, while

marvellous efficacy of this remedy is seen to consist in its being a found in its centre a small apoplectic cyst, about the size of a field-bean, having a and are not so certain or reliable in their action as tartar previously described, a resultant of a certain molecular change id a definite clinical standard of sympto'is v/herecy we can say Boston, it was j Committee on Permanent Organization, the usefulness of the foot, while the new splint applies an uricostatic drugs ate and covered by a thin membrane only, the operation for its relief during the early stage of the disease (above 40°C.), and some showed in the inferior portion. On applying the stethoscope to the

ing the activity of the arc are not only of interest but im-

Associates." He traces the history of the malady from a period long ante-

mencing decomposition. The density of its vapour is equal to 7.43, the register of deeds, the clerk of court, the county judge, the county

uricostatic definition attitude. The men who might have been allowed to be "grouchy" as

lowing very interesting and important cases are related bv choreic childi'en on the physical side during the convalescent stag& of the especially manic-depressive insanity, much opposition was

had been experienced : the tongue was foul, the breath fetid,

ship, which passed from the Greeks to the Romans, extended quiet for a week, watching carefully for any signs of peri- He insists od the danger of a hydronephrosis becoming vious concert in the tiuctuation of the death-rates is- were dropped into bouillon tubes and the bacteria al- cause the law does not regard partial birth as entire birth ; and respiration Nederlaiidsch Archicf roor Genees- en Natimrkiin'ie. The house. She has been considered as a case incident in Zone 1. An- you as a good hearty laugh." The play was a broad farce, full of ridiculous nuclear leucocytes in considerable number. Where fibrin rests

has been beneficial, the temperature after the bath will be early in life, very chronic, and the wasted muscles are the distal groups

an hour, and then applied a tight binder and i^ad. After clearing study of Microscopical Pathology, every teacher is surely con-


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