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might become involved afterwards. The experiment in which the

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reaction which otherwise proceeds slowly, and the rate of reaction

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It was aggravated by any form of exercise^ which caused her nose to-

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physician, now residing in Philadelphia, with a brief synopsis of the

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the increase in the hydrogen ion concentration of a broth culture of pneumococcus

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anaemia, and when no treatment retards its progress, the case is probably one

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ultaneously convulsed, respiration is first suspended, and one or more

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were abandoned, the habit of declaiming against heroic remedies still

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fessor Jackson. A sentleman was troubled with what he described

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reaches the' trachea, becomes sufficientlv warmed. When the ca-

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lar and dilliciilt breathing. Jiesides crossed paralysis, we may find hemi-

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the possibility must not be lost sight of that the rate of formation or

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using voltaren gel while pregnant

only tlirough tJie ideals wliich they set \\). \vhi<li must be

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on each specimen. 3 No. 16 was prepared from the same gland as No.

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It has been asserted that patients labouring under phthisis enjoy an

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distinctly found to be present ; the uterine action ceased until the

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readily seen that, as the nerve cells rule the body

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Diagnosis. — Pulmonary tuberculosis in the third stage; right tubercular pleurisy.

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The author, we hope, will add a page giving the contents of

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One of the characteristics of rheumatic fever is the intense ausemia devel-

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side of the mouth, and one nostril, show that paralysis has occurred. Soon

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result from exluiustion, from cerebral pressure, and from complicating dis-

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time he would frequently feel his bladder contracting without suf-

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siderations of the highest interests to humanity. If it be true

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Dr. S. 6. MoRToir presented, through the Secretary, a biographi-

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In chronic spinal meningitis counter-irritation over the spine, and de-

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"tan" and the milder variety of " freckles," which is as

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tation i)apers from persons qualified to discuss profes-

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who advised a voyage to New Orleans; finding no diminution in the

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III. External Treatment. — The affected limbs should be kept raised above

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bral tumor, the mind is perverted and toeakened, epileptiform convulsions


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