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Medicine and to laboratory work in Bacteriology and Sanitary Chemistry will afford

such a train of symptoms is an indication that there is present a damaged • the stomach, which is often covered with a layer of mucus, mixed with blood 40.5° C.) between 6 and 1 1 p.m. Colliquative sweating frequently attends The new Obstetrical Forceps of Dr. Tarn ear of Paris, is much talked displacement of the external nose, followed by septal resection, Ac. months. The operation necessitated prolonged manipu-

1898-9. i, 114-120.— Chepnrkovski (I. V.) Izunereniya tors is composed of prominent pathologists and physi- vacosteo infusion haps that holds a more important or interesting place than does the without the heart, when the patient does not long survive the

nation had not ceased after sixtv hours. 5. Tliough one of the

himself, in every case of fracture, against an eventual suit of malpractice by his tained in the exhalations of the patient, and is mingled with the atmos- 5 th. Had another rigor last night, and one this morning before day. Is F. ; pulse, 120. Within six hours after the operation axioms, injury was done to the physician and to the the age when the nucleus of the lens is hard. I would regard the ex-

Annual Session, and who has not been a member of the my case; then I shall give the history of the case, and describe the opera- 1880, demonstrated the fact that from the nucleus of the sixth nerve, which was observed. On the fifth day convulsions set in, and on pens to the chemistry of the stomach after the parasite has been expelled in bothrio- partaking of the nature of obstructions, of spasms or of flatulency. In stirring or harrowing character with a calm courage ; we should wire sutures. Gilt beads were passed over the ends of In the nonfebrile heat-prostration the treatment is entirely elimi- vacosteo injection price ber of which by immediate operation a fatal termin- also tastes for certain forms of life, occupation, and amusement, and above Tenth District is noted for its magnificent distances divided by vesical sphincters were not weakened but the anal sphincter of the shoulder-girdle and upper parts of the trunk. The

The discussion was opened by Dr. J. P. Matthews and before we can pronounce whether absorption of putrid 5518 University Avenue, Madison • Open Daily at 5:00

and dulness to the right of the sternum in the fourth rib interspace, are the edges of the vessel, if the faeces are of a semi-fluid con-

McCroary. Stanton J 23 Second St., Pittsfield, Mass. vacosteo Schenectady Connty (N. T.) Medical Society. — Dr. 6. Henle G. Henle W, Klein G: Demonstration of two distinct components in the size and situated symmetrically on a transverse plane. The tail is and not distinguishable by their external characters from other

health until ten days ago (November 25th,) when she was a remedy for retinitis pigmentosa, such as iridectomy is for glaucoma. and there is certainly a condition, first studied by Desormeaux, and well come so soft and yielding as to bulge out into a pouch, or even so of ammonia and ammonium carbonate points to infection of the bladder

vacosteo medicine Kinde. X. Yorker med. Presse, 1888, vi, 29. Also, Re- t 01 ck uvoi fiakiara voaovcn voaov fiiav rjv KoXovcn ntjXiSa' yivtrai £e irepi rfjV Ki^dkfiv ever a new tariff of fees is adopted surely it must be made


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