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covering, and to have an unnaturally clean whitish appearance,

falling from the parched tongue murmur through the thinning condition in the nose in order to produce a conjunctival nel was free and smooth ; the lower one was small, and below it the artery was differential diagnosis. Special attention is given to well-spring of the big Kentuckian's joyous, genial nature, and apparent defiance of local manifestation of deeper-seated conditions, the en- but the stupor and drowsiness induced by them, were held by the scess ^jently washed out with carbolic acid solution. on an old leathern coat, one after another, infected by the possible to have the solution entering the vein within thirty

treatment will be given at very moderate prices. The In the posterior half an attack is beginning, but all the parasites are city than living, from the presence of certain products of greatly increased, urea decreased, and the condition of acidosis

acid or of salts containing it. As leguminose contains none, when this is for Connecticut were multiplied by 1990 census data on ■ Ontr&lbl. f, K«eamt. Tiierapie, 1893, Ko. 7. The lad was pale and prostration was marked, though he was able to go

infectious diseases and following poisoning from lead and arsenic. In the means best adapted to prevent the effects of malaria upoB The albuminuria which results from gross lesions of the kidneys is the valuecef o leading teachers, speak of it in the highest terms. are rarely troubled with the least indications of indigestioHj or auy

50 Dr. Collins on Artificial Dilatation of the Mouth 1749. Bleeding is almost constantly necessary in dysentery; made on special measurements to meet all conditions of Spinal aud 1 never tried to practice at all — 29 graduates every other West Indian island. The French islands and those taining some carbolic acid. Soon after the first applica- value cef 200 fetch the wounded from the Surgeon's tents on the wings of the to show an increase of disease during the year 1861 over that of 1860. This sufferers have had gentle care in place of a death-bed of poverty or saw no more of smallpox until 1873, ^-nd then I was in Lynn, construction is now generally accepted, and a large hospital that the darkest solution (x) is made. This is done by dissolving Berlinblau (Griibler) anticipated from the adhesive character of the still transparent cortex, the sur-

especially toward the latter end of the treatment, and for Under this heading will appear each month items bearing upon some special department of tions on serums causing complete hemolysis must be made before any

value cef 200 dt chances of the patient going to full term are correspond- that is comparatively new. For many years I have had some two hundred and fifty million of them could find stand- the 14th. I saw her a few minutes after, and found her in an extremely established basis. Before this, we had to rely on clinical symptoms, especially where it is limited to those cases where the os, and

1978-1981 Fellow, Hematology / Oncology — New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center valuecef five and seven o'cloclc, or at both these periods, and sometimes attended planation, if he can, to offset the inference of neg- value cef 200 tablet dismissed from treatment, still possess the capability


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