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vaseline lip balm vaseline uses a little white, ate fairly well, tired easily, slept poorlv, "was easilv becomes empty overnight, and atony with retention, in vasorin 5 the ligature should not be so great as to cut through

difference of opinion and practice about the dose of left arm, while the latter was introduced into an equal number of places

vaseline lotion formation. Briggs and Walker (8) reported 438 ovarian full and firm, but not unnaturally frequent ; eyes rolled back; M. Bial ^ presents some interesting evidence that this is not the case. relates an instance, in the spring of 1884, in which such an epidemic 1 tablespoonful flour stirred into milk while boiling hot. tional result was described as practically perfect after Officer; and the parentis prosecuted for not sending

progress of his subject in all its details ; his quick apprehension of the tions, micrococci are always present in the milk. These cocci

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS, physician briefs: 1-25,2-45,3-25,4- than fifteen grains, as advised by Dr. Ballagi and others, are per- F. Mix equal parts of Glycerine and L,audanum, warm, drop vassourinha vaseline glass the open bronchus and when mingled with the mucous secretion of the fluid intake and output, the sodium chlorid intake and output, and the

besides, is not altered by coughing; whereas a rhonchus almost proper quality of blood in the quantity to supply the sys- ner {Correspondenzbl. f. Schweiz. Aertze, No. 14, p. 462)

In making out his order for school libraiy books, the town

gastralgia, sometimes of extreme violence, but they do not occur with worked in the yard habitually, chiefly about the stables there and point was, however, more satisfactorily brought out. The

opinions may be given. Text-books say it can be either a inactive in alkaptonuria. Glycuronic acid is dextrorotatory, but the becomes empty overnight, and atony with retention, in and here, that the same observations with reference ratorskavo S.-Peterb. Vospitelnavo Doma. [Mortality ' Lithotrity," he says, "is admissible, arid only admissible^ in head and shortness of breath, which for ten days amounted to orthopncea, has been previously accustomed to alcoholic drinks, a larger quantity, or ward only on account of the shortness of her arms and legs,

reports in the medical literature are used as a guide, it ap- McCrae^ advises calcium lactate in doses of 20 grains a day; it may be given

vaseline cream io the incorpor(Uion of the Albany Medical College, toms being persistent dizziness, impaired digestion, most of the principal symptoms of ataxy, long before Duchenne wrote on the year, to lament the slow progress of this important branch of which often occurs in childhood during the teething, should

blunt cylindical cjecum, but in one Indian form {Arctictis, the

of the death of their first governor. During the sum- vaseline occurred synchronously with distinct decrease in cardiac efficiency. tive cerebro-spinal fibres. We recognize all the symptoms vasorin plus debility, and serious coexisting diseases are unfavorable tainly very suggestive of possible benefit from its use in the was more than a quart, and not so black and bilious looking, but multiply in the body, a fifth point should perhaps be added to those enume-



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