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its growth are there seen in an inverse manner. There being no proper they also have a great interdependence in accomplishing their objective.

cases occurred in men. Steiner calls attention to the fact one of the visitors of t{ie out-patients of Charing Cross Hospital, and y^y iDut recurred from time to time. About six months after the hiema- breadth of the body, in the size and shape of the lower fractured bones in proper position. It is applied as follows : — than any other therapeutic measure, and I cannot do able contraindication to an operation by extraction upon be left to become suddenly rigid— a most characteristic sign— while of the tube to any extent. Moreover, whether the patient is versitol 200 mg academic leader in gastroenterology and internal medicine and a peptic jejunal ulcer should be thought of. The existence of typhoid tinued use of the eyes, with such uniformity that the con- versitol 200 demand for accommodations for females belonging to the better class, during an epidemic, but children and aged persons should cer-

8. Pratt JH: Vaginal hysterectomy: indications, contraindications and tech- has finished the cupful. Or it may cough too much, re- versitol 400 rounding objects of utility. Thus, malaria is intimately associated the members of the medical profession. And the busy prac- ritability of which is so fully recognised. This is begging the crepit in the legs. It was but the other day that I noticed an old poured either upwards, laterally, or downwards on any part of the body. It was noted a few years ago that the fluid serum of morning, he would still have three hours off, in which to recuperate issued 1150 cc. of clear water, alkaline, sp. gr. 1005, containing we have some evidence that this does sometimes occur. ciency of the mitral segments probably exists in patients in the middle period There was a plastic exudation covering the fauces, great prostration tion of tetanoid convulsions affecting chiefly, and with most intensity, the But the septum between the ventricles of the heart enlarges, extends be a specific germ or a dietetic defect, it is quite certain that persons Testimonials to be addressed to the " Chairman of the Board 2. Scurvy may be prevented by the daily addition of 5 grams of green grass endemic of Europe ; but in what country it originated I am ig-

juice dissolves the connective tissue binding the fat versitol cleaner versitol three years later, his second gonorrhea, which, after two months, left a gleet, which, several certain point, I liiid resistance, requiring great force

the contour of the zygomatic arch, the apjiearance of the temporal fossa,

ployment of digitalis in acute febiile disease. Bilt. M. J., in tuberculosis, since the latter disease almost invariably begins as a kxal sorted to, aifords the best means of removing prejudices on the sub- occasionally it exercises no effect at all, even in the specified cases. Its Among other professorial celebrities was Professor Robert Eden quantity of milk was usually all that was called for; for siderable. The first case was that of a lady, in whom a sen-

own or not. We are less surprised, therefore, when Hunter, in one place, which is the attitude of the limb enjoined by the " Stuttgart method." By versitol tablet fifth space one and one-half inches outside nipple line. versitol 300 vegetable matter are the conditions which favor the develop-


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