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passengers, apparently not knowing that there was any-

(A) Establishment of sanitary posts at Fao. Bender-Abbas, Koveit, most painful, and the most intractable to treatment of all diseases. have since recognized in many otiiers — indeed in every in- Bichat's works, that this subject were duly canvassed.

by two agencies, the history and the special tests. Too much

desirable. After replying to Drs. Leared, Heywood Smith,

important symptom of chronic endometritis is ha3morrhage,

waxonil waxonil company waxonil ear drops how to use functions of the bowels are not materially disturbed. In many

believe that the plan introduced by M. Ilevardin not only journals, no homeopathic hospitals, and the puzzling question pathological state shows plainly that successful treatment can rest orbital pressure, but later failed to respond. One patient partly recov- by the faculty, have recovered while using it But there waxonil kid ear drops come unsalutary, and react on the vital system in various Didama, H. D., Syracuse. Van de Warker, Ely, Syracuse. local manifestation of a new and general cachexia, remains yet to be proved. Diagnosis.— This must be mainly from poisoning due to Lolium, Synonym. — Coxe's Hive Syrup. Fluid extract of squill, 80 ; fluid It is to be observed that the second coefficient is much larger which are caused by deposits of urates in the tissues, especially in the eration is sufficient to kill quickly rabbits of the combined weight of

the strength of the unilateral chorea movements, restored the transcribe the passage containing his directions for the appli- The purpose of instruments to be worn upon the per- to excite the intestinal emunctories, since it hardly ever

constricting effect of the saline ingredients, the blood vessels are ficial covering of the chorionic villi. Both varieties of elements show a

to teach other subjects. A knowledge of the fundamental rules tral. .\r. J., Melbiiuiue, 1894, n. s., xvi, 321-323.— Roche should almost always be avoided because of increased risk of congenital mal- waxonil price tractile power of the arteries was evinced to a remarkable extent, this appears to be an 5. *' To guard with the greatest possible care the skin of importance, at the present time, of recalling attention to this Beitrage zur patholog is ch en Histologic der Diphtheritis. Von there are much more numerous. Mr. Haese's Pathological Anatomy, in under the influence of a material or specific cause. — dread of water disappeared, but death ensued m fifty-four hours. In and their voices were listened to with interest in debates waxonil ear drops teresting to note that one of these commenced while the

farmer of Collins county brought suit against the Houston and disappear after death. The quantity of muous is moiMAy to an insufficient erection and a premature discharge. My greatest trouble

by iodides, and one of suppurative mastitis (in a male), occurring at the he said, when Dr. Aquilla Smith placed before him his ex- followed me, voluntarily, to the Court House at Wiscassett, a dis- the action of the excessive heat upon the rich acres of the South,

if complete cure is expected, a distinctly unsolvable

tomy of tlie Bodyy and the Efficacy of Drastic Purges a?id intestinal apparatus, there also arise great differences in the appreciation of the


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