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Kahn — Garfunkel. — In New York, on Sunday, October
merly believed that the irritation in the bath of the
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ment that culturable bacterial forms other than tu-
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served in the course of anaphylactic accidents such^
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tients. The palliative efifects of the treatment should
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The education of the public that the mosquito is the
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with the medical profession, and the undoubted fact
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auricular wound had healed. The pain ceased after op-
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C.\SE XXII. Male, £et. twenty-four ; secondary syphilis,
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taxis, not even the slightest, should be used in the
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juries of the small bones of the carpus and tarsus,
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An interesting postoperative phenomenon was an enor-
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secondaries overlooked. August, 1909, impairment of
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man and he presented a joint paper on typhoid fever
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by the needle. The oscillometer sliould be used ex-
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percussion showed increased dulness. The sputum had
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painful convulsion, always tonic, rigidity sometimes
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in the entire field of local anaesthesia, "the triumph
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mitted by anybody, furnishes the materials of one of
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pernicious factors in the production of defective off-
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Pettus, W. J., Assistant Surgeon General. Directed to
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mediziner. 2. Aut^agc. Wiirzburg: Curt Kabitzsch, 1911.
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cases and deaths reported for the two iveeks ending No-
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twelve hours after eating them. In addition to these
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and definite subjective and objective manifestations
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should have a wide sale notwithstanding its faults.
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port sailing from San Francisco, Cal, about March 5,
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and confirming the correctness of the interpretation
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climate, believing that the pendulum of professional
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ing- that structure as obtained from animals, in the
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one tissue to another where the transplanted tissue
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solid> ruid fluids only wiih difficulty-. She had a severe
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neous evidence of the disease at the time he was before
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cers, and social workers from all parts of the United


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