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possessed one formerly conversed in Latin more or less
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ly save the lives, not only of children, but of many
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would appear to be similar to the lower fattv acids.
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rior lobe. In Berger's case the hypophysis was cer-
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Candy, Charles M., Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps.
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thickness of the salol coat of the ipecac pills must
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judging from my other obser\^ations,I feel sure that Yes, there is a compensatory costal respiration." To
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in Solutions of Sugar and Magnesium Chloride. By Ralph S.
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1. Radiotheropeutics in Acute Adenitis, Bv F. Jangeas.
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rhoea. He absolutelv denied coitus and said that the dis-
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ID, 1910. Twenty-one days, chancres gone, eruption verj'
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The theory of return cases — at least one theory — was
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spread of the disease. As a rule epidemic paralysis is a
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Mit 355 zum teil mehrfarbigen Abhildungen. Jena; Gus-
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liam Mabon and Dr. W. L. Russell, general medical super-
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ness of one leg, empyemia, or paralysis of the trunk
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ing coats (muscle, elastic tissue). The vessels are
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Practitioners of transcendent ability, however, who
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and this patient is now in a very fair physical condition,
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air, we have found that the use of these substances
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influence upon me, his personality, or my readiness to take
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at the charity bazaar held last spring in the Metropolitan
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if in illustrative demonstration of the hopeless ir-
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were distributed, in respective order, to the govern-
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Secondary cases sometimes presented technical diffi-
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the failure of destruction of the organisms derived
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Browse — Thom.vs. — In Baltimore, on Thursday, Septem-
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minutes of this board, that a copy be sent to the bereaved family
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now has 152 members enrolled. Its officers are: Dr. S.
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York: William Wood & Co., 1910. Pp. 7-80. (Price, $r.)
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quiring- the use of forceps (Simpson's). Measurements
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I death ; erysipelas, i case, 2 deaths ; mumps, 3 cases, o
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counsel and advice were sought by his brethren in the
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to be extended to all raftsmen at the Prussian frontier.
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*Read at the Section in Laryngology, New York .Academy of
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tistics, von Ofifenheim points out that far too much


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