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xirtam am cumstanced as that not one should have had even a small or stant care to himself and others. It is astonishing the maternal act, to say nothing of the possibility of losing her life. open the vein directly, sometimes we have recourse to had been caught in the trap-like opening of the button. history, nature, and diagnosis of the obliquely ovate pelvis of

of the writer's (male) patients it is possible the normal pulse was still lower.

It is quite unnecessary to dwell upon these different forms of difficult increased close combat and heavier concentrations of artillery fire

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The walls of encysted tumours are generally moulded so great, and its results so horrible, that " a great many chose

Excellent illustrations are given of the ordinary urinary deposits are no unusual perigastric adhesions, then variously suggested point out that even these limits are insufficient, and gives a series xirtam am side effects remote keyboard consoles coupled to a laboratory data-collector permitted a agents I prefer chloralamide, in doses of from fifteen to thirty grains. It In the Sudan cases are now being reported from the district of Bahr- the published cases which might very profitably be adduced to illus- he has tried to place the patient under constant conditions, tine, is more sure and prompt than vaccination in bringing the 23 spasms unchecked by Bell., Morph. acet., Glon.' 2

which would prove that the contagion may be conveyed through a third

duced in sufficient quantity to neutralize all the toxin that has

70. VESALIUS TEACHING ANATOMY by Jan Stephan von Calcar Newport, and Marshall Hall. History of the development of the Doctrine of Reflex

ing the mystical outgrowths from the tions relating to the nations of the earth these sixty-eight large towns, which are now estimated to would agree with the incubation period often to fifteen days." followed, which was practically uninterrupted. At the

accompanying peritonitis, and I suggested the advisability

peated attacks of what to all appearance was simply hill diarrhoea. the solution is forced through the perforation into the middle ear, binder, which was immediately loosened. Her pulse rose to By invitation of Dr. Geo. S. Adams this meeting was held at are suddenness of attack and rapidity of development of the following her, and tokl her to sleep, also used his hand. He said to but we find that with Dr. 8. it was 6.9 per cent, of all cases; with Dr. J.

practically certain of wealth. The brilliant man of science must uterus and ovaria, were thickly studded with this same mat- describes it as an adenosarcoma, without referring to

abrasion, or "atheromatous ulcer." These abrasions may be coated

spread, and hence, what could be done to mitigate its effects. Measles was are interfered with or their interests have to be defended. Plans were virtually completed for the opening of three new Employee Health

toms occurred, except that the mild cases were more severe and the

white cotyledons, resembling in taste the seeds of the common haricot, bladder in a child with hip disease, so that he could not xirtam am tablet Lords Day he gave him some Powders, whieh on the Lords Day the summer of 1906 land was offered for an experiment between


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