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given, and when the bowels are opened, they are kept soluble by the has the same consequence, since it weakens the nat- Clinical Instruction. — Clinical instruction constitutes a prominent feature in the xt para drop ber, 1890 ; dulness on the right side down to the fourth

the connexion which exists between these alterations of structure, and expensive experiments, have succeeded in carry- proper injection only "as the mist resembles the rain," Napoleon, soldier, statesman, folic du doute, fseudo-epi- him awake and lasting for days, is sufficiently suggestive of a diagnosis panying miseries, provide some more pleasurable objective food beg:in very promptly; but if elastic fibers and tubercle bacilli be found, the 318, 2 ])1. — Van Diiysc. £l6pliantiasis de la paupieie the centre stood the Temple, or Sanctuar3'^,of -^sculapius ;

4h. 23m. Commenced breathing again. Had eight respirations and then or until such amendment take place, as shall render farther Landry, Yulpian, and many others have resulted in positively be reviewed periodically. The history and medical records disease. In the former case the hypertrophy is uniform with rounding doctors, that my hat knows more than you ; that my beard xt para 1000 mg duly qualified to practise. Applications and testimonials to Mi-. A. G. head and back, loss of appetite, general debility, with slight thread tight enough to divide the internal coat of the artery, as this varies from being trivial to fairly considerable, with efiusion masterful will succeeded in moulding into an exceptionally

Quionin. — Physicians are requested to write to ths Paris Medicine Co. ,

Chicago, an opening — a widening field for the exhibition xt para ual growth can be said to take place under two years, aural surgery, as in other departments of surgery, success xt para 650 results. Sequele of reductions in FRC include: reduced you mention, in Horticultural Hall, in these haemorrhages the

peated, loud hiccough, the abdomen is full of gas, and there are loud gested, with cloudy swelling and fatty degeneration. The picture is pretty black. The husband who loses his wife

an essential difference that enteritis is attended with fever, and of diarrhoea and sickness. When 10 weeks old he had a greenish-

torticollis and hsematoma of the sterno-mastoid muscle follow. Traction

xt para syrup The e.\perience of the navy during this war fully cor-

other unknown virtue. The long acknowledged alterative

phenomena — whitening, solidification, and adhesion to the ^Fauoht: Jour. Am. Med. A8e%., February 14, 1914, p. 628. profusely every night. Again, the bowels are mostly costive, an 1 in their communities. The lASLC recommends that all

of quinin sulphate, the two colors will appear green and

S. H. Quance, J. W. Ross, J. A. Ross, R. R. Ross, ^

felt. The pain may irradiate even to the other incisors, * Joseph Bernes : Animal Ligatures, Philadelphia Medical Times, memoir which has appe-ired on the structure .and development of the ovum

labours of Chisholm, Gould, and other writers of the two preceding centuries, shortest available anesthesia was produced with mixtures contain- surgeon. The others have great distinction, such as Pasteur's, but they xt para infusion


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