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V 'lington, D.C. : — Sir, — Acting in accordance with in-

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Sjnnptoms. — Gangrene of the lung being usually a secondary dis-


a case in which a large hematocele developed after the puncture of

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used up in fifteen days, the remaining solution being levo-gyrate.

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ration. Small children, however, take the liquid dose best;

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cause and effect % That fright is capable of pi'oducing a profound effect

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piling in the Cape Fear River, just off Southport. Alongside the

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in the courts as the highest and best opinion obtainable, and will be

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and at intervals of 2, 3, or 4 hours if necessary. Purge

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to be looked upon as an inoculation disease, the saliva serving

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for analysis. An aqueous solution of the filtrate was

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on account of the time and skill demanded by the gravimetric ; but some of the

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such was the weakness of the injured dorsal muscles, that

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monia derived from the above source, is perfect free-

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the bladder walls and edges of the wound at the same time.

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a thin and altered base of a typhoid ulcer certainly save those that could get well

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neither a plumber nor a sculptor, but is a dentist — that is

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nant or fibromatous disease. The anaemia in these cases is pro-

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ment is connected with the external end of the tube, by means of which air is

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albuminiu-ia. The heart was hypertrophied. The conjunctival vessels were

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An attempt was made to contact each of the patients in the

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enters through the throat. May become general, producing

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days, though in a modified form. In one ca^e, where the treatment was

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stomach or sheer helplessness brings his debauch to an end.

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practitioner for a term of three or four years during

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is undoubtedly one of so-called secondary cholesteatoma, which

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author of the essay on The Coagulation of the Blood.

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mixed audience is certainly not an unmixed good; but a

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cerebral manifestations; in other words, they were typical cases of

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into the vagina. Six such sutures were, for the time being, left long and secured by hemo-

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(better) of the crossed pyramidal fasciculus. The lesion occu-

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quency of urination is a pretty constant .'jymptom, coming

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claring the symptomatology. Often the symptoms are not

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