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aims and ambitions. It is not as if our homoeopathic
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whilst on the sides and the back it is stronger and directed
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the root. There is said also to be an acrid ejrtraclive matfer; hut too
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therefore, as well as a stimulant ; and this view certainly best explains
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poisorjous t^erpenisi and cases have been recorded which po far to prove!
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various remedies there is much room for discrimination ; some being "
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water, and freely soluble also in alcohol. It has all the remedial effects
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two minutes will suffice to record the essentials in
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is, however, injurious to the individual. He who is brought
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warm and moist air will diminish the evaporation from
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filtered before being injected. Pure water is the best solvent, though
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thelesa, the anemia is often carried far be3rond the point esstmtial for its
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I vHh the membrane. If ahim. therefore, aet B^relj ns a chemieal
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Oatmeal contains no gluten, according to Vog-el, and there-
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In giving the above general rules in relation to the habitual use of
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the animals pass over into the fibrous foods. The substances
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laid horizontally on the back, it appears from the experiments
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oritic mixtures. Cold water may be applied upon linen rags or towels,
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tho blood ; and it may easily be recognized in the urine, a short tinii|
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ACIDUM MURIATICUM. T. 5— AaDVM Hyprocoloricum. Br.
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examination, and some trials, reported favourably of the remedy, (Gat,
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tion. When performed by the invalid himself, it is accom-
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to the requisite strength, iind lasUy, giving the desired colour and llavour
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solvent and preservative properties, it answers an excellent purpose for
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haviog their root in this alTcction. Hence, they are amuijg the most
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of cases, soon after it first came into notice, with some success^ but with ]
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man ensconces his head under his single blanket, in order that
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WDTE OF OPIXrif.— ViNUM Opii. U, S., Br.— Sydenham's Laudan-
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It should be pointed out that our experimental procedure for
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branching, crooked, blackish outside, brownish within, and strongly bit-
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2 This work was supported in part by contract AF 41 (657)- 340 between Bryn Mawr
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such ties and follow cherished ideals. Too often it


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