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Academy, an institution which has made a reputation in

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as interne: German Hospital, six months; Presbyterian Hospital,

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Treatment of Anaemia and Chlorosis. — The first indication in treating

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finally forced him to limit the boundaries of his work so that they

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as the shillelah-combats of Donnybrook Fair, proving nothing,

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Thomas, K. G., of Wales, and their shield bears his arms.

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tion of the columns of Goll. Sometimes small capillary hemorrhages are

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and preached a sermon, without any memory of the fact, having

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Surg., May, 1899) ; "The Etiology of Mesenteric Cysts" (Annals of

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pied the position of instructor in surgery and from 1907 to the

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at once a more cheerful appearance, and rapidly grow better, when treated to

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comfort about the neck. He still continued to use light dumb-

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chair of the Principles and Practice of Medicine and of Clinical

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erful objectives, they are seen surrounded by a ring of light,

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vital importance of their aid in the treatment of the sick. Said

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student at Immanuel Hall until the death of his father, when he

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and since that time she has been consulting physician in

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Contributions of original articles, correspondence, personal items, etc., should be sent to the publishers,

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Free and Accepted Masons of Buffalo; and is Past District Deputy

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successful as a physician and surgeon, than the subject of

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this matter of brain-training, do we properly appreciate the fact

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The next day, April 30, I found the cervix soft and more

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Chantilly, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Brandy Sta-

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" rational " treatment. Hygiene and general treatment are much

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become fixed in the medulla cause less acute irritating

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hospital matters added weight to his words, and carried convic-

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iama Medical and Surgical Age stated that his departure

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and a delegate from this Ninth International Congress

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come the work not only for its usefulness, which commends

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Army, and the subsequent generations from that to the present of

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Surgical and Grce^ologTcal Asociaiion, a:: asscciaxiGC

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orate, if not produce a cure. Such results having been

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escapes his attention ; that is, he is looking at merely organic

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