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Burdett (H. C). Hospitals and Asylums of the World. Vols. 3 and 4.
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reassuring character. We learn of several towns where serious
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Registrar-General, and he would try to procure a copy. He
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two bases. Air entered freely, and there was no retraction.
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■^rangetown ; Mr. T. Greenfield, London ; Mr. T. P. Greenwood, Stam-
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49 cases when Dr. Moxon issued his annual i-eport— namely, 29 in West
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from the officiating to the medical charge of the Isl Punjab Infantry, vice
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We have been favoured with an account of the annual meeting of this
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urinals if the bell traps were replaced by ordinary gully traps,
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Local Government, and the medical profession as a whole,
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support of the statement appears to us to amount to conclus ve prool,
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effect. Mr. Woods also showed a woman, aged 29, a con-
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as to enable them to get that leave. At such stations as Shahjehanpore,
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hiemoglobm percentage gradually goes up to the normal. In
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been formed from the hydrate of alumina by the action of the gastric
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back yards has been discouraged. The inhabitants, however,
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Bousfield (E. C). Guide to the Science of Photo-Micrography. 1892.
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Gogarty : Cholera. All members of the South-Eastern Branch are en-
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nected with trade requirements which would forbid the adop-
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bridge Hall, Northumberland Road (opposite the College
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ing steps to have the veliicledisinlected. The child died at the institute,
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a Representative on the Parliamentary Bills Committee. Election of
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suggest: "Athletics of all kinds .... have become so
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lights, and will increase the draught whenever a door is
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Corfield. The Local Government Board have intimated to the
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recommended in these old times, one of the best ways is to
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portant points as the attachments of ligaments and of
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after keeping a dog on fixed diet, found that the addition of
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B.Scand Professor Daniel Oliver, F.R.S. Comparative Anatomy and
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was in great measure due to sources of error as regards (1)
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ceous. Even in the rare instances in which the maximum
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8. .\11 the persons who had lived many years in close contact with
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the primary disease and of its late consequence. We can only
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as probably malignant. The operation was performed on
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in 1890, only the above two symptoms were present. The
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that they would not be likely to give rise to calculus. He
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there was the inferior school training— inferior among those
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births and 4,20it deaths were registered during the vreek ending Saturday,
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microscope by the usual histological methods, of course, was
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formed, diflfers from my earlier ones — I rarely make a down-
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EovAL Westminster Ophthalmic. Hours oj Attendance. — Daily, I.
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the late director of the sanitary department at a cost of £70,ooo
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parts aseptic during labour seems to be much more philosophical.
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that there was no self-deception in it ? The writer describes
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Thus this small community evinces a most illiberal spirit
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by Lord Cromer, says : " Two mudirs have forwarded me schemes of im-


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