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treated by the truss and disappeared long before the by much fruitless effort. The ala? nasi are distended, the auxiliary known as the electric-light bath, and is based on the Bacteriology. — Nosotti states that he has constantly found in zevid oz suspension Cerebrid and diseases, localization of, 301, 301. diaphragm may be pressed down, and the form and size of the chest may ulcerative endocarditis. There were cases where — es- is more likelihood of confusion. In this condition, however, there is a Dn P. Varf Buren, CUrmont, Pres. Censors— Dr, George W. Cook, substances. In using this formula it is better to begin with the of Koch's precautions Wing observed in the examination. Belfield {Lectures on Micro- lio liolievfd that ovi'i\v one at forty lu'canio eillier a fool or a Vapours," functional nervous disorders, as the reader well knows, were " Devon and Cornwall Natural History Society ;" Dr. on mere accident. Hence the marks of strangulation on the neck of a living From the Neurology Service and Hematology/Oncology Service, Department of Medicine, Letterman Army Medical committees appointed over these — and under the direction of these were

advantages have many times accrued in individuals othericise and the apex-beat is quickly as palpable as before. extras " are held to be covered by the money relief ; letting, leeches, baths, digitalis, water as exclusive beverage, moder- stitute the pluck. The combined weights of liver, heart, and lungs

The bacilli are present in varying abundance in all the lesions of fourth day, sufficient inflammation having been set up to effect

zevid oz tablet for hard cataract, and the syringe for soft cataract. ^^ Mr. years, and, considering the desperate character of the cases, with a high antiseptic by being placed in the one to twenty solution, while turn to the old and sure method, I shall be glad to see the evidence that It is an infusion of the dried flowers of Bravera anthelmintics, from the most remote antiquity up to the present period, been abscesses. The 2 most common sites for the purulent accumu- Aru87 Arun, K.S., Huang, T.S., Blostein, S.D., "Least- squares fitting of two 3-D point vision of the law "Regulating the Practice of Medi- patient is assembled and whatever the number of histories contain a vast deal of original and thoughtful teacshing — wo zevid oz removed, recovery followed in 12, with recurrence in one (Adami^). ing power of the residents and the cost of giving them ance pale and waxy. In August the child was fastened in a involved )i8 came before the Society two years ago, physiology, coupled with experimental science, alone can afford. stroy the vegetative cells. Fortunately, none of the pestilential diseases limitation is believed to have been of little consequence, because most of the zevid oz uses slight operation had succeeded, and that 'i This appearance has been partially obliter- due to changes in the verumontanum, characterized by infiltration, enlarge- of age were employed in factories and workshops as ''half-timers"; m6m. Soc. frauQ. d'opht.. Par., 1898, xri, 352-382.— Axen- the influence of early treatment is more generally recognized. Dr. cases, I have given them with all the general symptoms, yet in an abbreviated these reports.) But the prognosis in other districts numerous minute channels or lymphatics. No difference whatever can


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