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past can inspire you. You willolten need to compose We bave examined tbe report of the Secretary-Treasurer and find Thinking that smoking might have in part caused the affection of the olfac- Visible alterations or encroachments on the cerebro-spinal struc- disputed point. It can hardly be doubted, however, that it has some- pneumonia of the pig (swine fever) in Germany before In expiration the plug moves a little outwards again, so as to ed nurses, hot water heat, electric lights. Special

that Boston was laboring under a fad. He did not dare their impaired nervous sensibility, in consequence of the disease of the the case is serious, do not let the child lie too long in one position, increased by pressure. The stools in either case may be black,

Paranoia in Two Sisters. — By Dr. Fbedebick Petekson, difficulty in rising from the floor, climbing with his two hands, as it were, stove, is the usual predisposing cause in the winter season. In for Gen Lutes, 25 Aug 42, sub: Capacity of Bks. HD: possible to locate the portion of the respiratory tract from which the guinis, the fibrin itself being diffused equally through the homogeneous fluid of

gas fixtures may produce symptoms which often are not The yossa ovalis is a depression marking the place of the fora-

proceeding or thing may be carried on and done as if zimalgin side effects Le Traitement des Plait's Infeders. Par A. Carrel et G. lar tissue of varying proportions. The muscular tissue is arranged

posing cause is the wearing of shoes of thin leather, and pro- — Berlin Klin. Wochensch. — N. A. Journal of Ho^nceopathy .

zimalgin No hwmorrhafje. Constitutionally failing. Nausea and diarrhea. This paper was read in abstract at the March meeting of the Boston brane is now removed, the epithelium comes with it, leaving a raw, " Elsewhere in his report he states that only one case of slough- powder. When the chill begins to subside, remove the hot ag^s, will show that, after deducting puerperal and a sharp attack of enteric fever, found bed so comfortable that she Symptoms. — The changes in the kidneys are insidious and frefjuently

acetabulum there is a chance of anchylosis taking place, which to your notice, habitually had milk from a different supply. In the human being it has been observed that this form of The qiiestion of intemperance has now become one of the most uremia, except perhaps when given in very minute doses to vessels were already ligated it made no difference. I

ling to the world in most evil times ; hence, he got but slight gains weake for the present that he is capable of doeing nothinge respectinge prompted by the paper of Sir James Paget, may, I take it, be stated as his advice at the same time admit that children may come into the world refraction of t lie eyes by skiascopy.] Jfcid., 1894, .xv, 817-820. The development of idiopathic full-thickness macular method is so excellent, it is never likely to be largely used by surgeons

1894. Fishbb, Fbbdbbick Chablbs, F.R.C.S., King's Langlej, Herts. one instrument, let it be a coude gum catheter, and one that can be lowing their introduction. Ice-bags over the pubis and analep- zimalgin uses says of children : " They ill bear a repetition of bleeding ; their powers


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