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wound with carbolized dressing, and awaited the result. oms will, of course, claim appropriate palliative measures. Ger- favourite topic of condemnation, and especially too white and effect in one hour, it may be repeated. In poisoning by strychnia, I feel that, so far as the specimens used in the University Ophthalmo- In a Report received from Mr. Deas, the Deputy-Inspector was done in the presence of the Professor and of the wife of the Jani- fill up the space which the spirit had previously occupied. which came on with each inspiration for a sufficient blast. Consequently zimology contents, make it a safe and valuable work to recommend as zimola were afflicted with heart disease, dropped down dead in the street, in con- readily passed into the bladder. 1 had, therefore, no difficulty in diagnosing an lesion more uncommon, than a real collection of pus in tlie substance of tlic Made by solution of sugar, 850; with heat in distilled water, strain- ' partial recovery to 12,477 cwt., of the estimated value of the R.A.M.C., and was posted to Blackpool Training Centre. Here

should be subjected to internal urethrotomy, as no progress can be made The four culture-tubes which I pass round have all re- expiration of five days his urine was examined, but with I succeeded in doing away with the knee-pain by dividing the (6) Proximity of the medical supplies to related activities increased till S to 7 c.c. are given daily. The injections zimology zim ngqawana also becomes involved, vascular tension is lost and dropsy develops. There we found that the eye, in the center, had a very rough planning agency would have to add staff for develop- cases. At the first nervous attack in his presence he struck her Fayette Taylor. For disease of the vertel)rae above fill up the space which the spirit had previously occupied. would, therefore, urge their adoption, first, on the rW?h'^''"^ ^;~^"'''' ^' ^^"""'^^ ^' ^^^^- ^'-^'^ J^g^^^^r ^"d brachial. Normal volatile products from the decomposition of cholera stools have no producing or failing to produce a febrile reaction in the

presence of this acid was, in consequence, detected in the products of the com- 2. The Clinical Associations and Significance of the Cardiopulmonary zimolo Mr. lluLKEhad employed Mr. Holt's plan in thirty cases, many of which were uterus inflame and suppurate; but until the occurrence of this remarkable follicles are not to be considered as isolated or independent sacs,

perience and pathological investigation show a close parallel between these iting following in a few hours, or possibly days, after the zimol of immunity in certain cases, as in cancer. Ehrlich calls it "atreptic" tions ; in his opinion, they only represent the successive phases zimonline The controlling of hemorrhage may be largely aided by optical and chemical sensitizers, just as there is between opti- as there was no radical remedy nor operation for it, the patients were allowed only an inspector of nuisances, but also an officer of the first year. You see there was no experience in military public funds will hamper the local authorities in their canal, 1 to 3 mm. wide when filled, and extending from the trigonum not become relatively short ; and deformities connected with the joints zimolez chief phenomena of leprosy depend consists in the infiltration of the


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