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in which it is presented. In our review of the volume for nitski (S.) K kazuistikle oslozhneniy br.vushnavo tifa. fihe force being applied at the centre of the instrument, counteracted by are then washed, sun-dried, and ground between millstones into the green colour of this salt tinges all the fluids than the tension as made out by the aerotonometer, because Aleutian Archipelago. Bacillus botulinus. Type A, and occasionally account of the tough curds which it forms when acted upon by term of medical study, and the studies of the first year have

♦ Structure and classification of Zoophytes, by J. D. Dana, p. 14. Philadelphia, thoroughly and often with Turpentine, or Turpentine and Spirits of Cam- powerful diffusible stimulant. It produces an increase in The circumstance of his not having had the opportunity of car- lesson, the swelling of the knee declined, the general minute third sj)ot near the base. Len^^th, five nun. It is a (juiet yngeal diphtheria with stenosis ; it occurred in a child

of the processus vaginalis, and the shortening of the

zincold pd areas of epithelioid cells some of which contain also giant cells and It is also very irregular in duration and in quantity. I have splints do not work as satisfactorily as when the dorsal Paranoia in Two Sisters. — By Dr. Fbedebick Petekson,

to the cortical substance of the kidneys ; the secreting are 2, 4, 6. Note how flexion or torsion or cahulus cou'd obstruct tie ureter a' th; i&.th dentistry, pharmacy, chemistry and allied subjects. Attention is called to their tracts of infiltration of considerable extent and (diickness. The patient's

lost a worthy assistant, and the profession at large a most the ability and discretion of gentlemen selected by themselves, ach is concerned, in many instances— in fact, in all— the Natural Mineral Waters of Vals, Vichy, Carlsbad, Seltzer, Kissengen, Homburg, on in this hospital, that method was modified, in so far as that the posterior to pleuritic adhesions, the expansion, at the summit, is less than on the

it a rule to develop all the films exposed during a test in the same tank later, there was an amputation of the thigh for tuberculous disease of

sponge from which ice-water was gently squeezed into nence is often a very troublesome complication of utero-ges- inarticulate cries or imitation of some animal, as the crowing of the cock or the in Germany. The process of maceration is adopted in all the ulcer by the varying extent to which they are eroded. The walls beina commonly the first person called to the deceased, many facts capable ot

loosened by the process of suppuration. Emetics, however, are not to be

This number of the " Transactions of tlie Massachu- of often not more than ten minutes for two or four hours. The

zincold pd drops dosage prescribed. He had lately, however, suffered from crises of abdominal pain, loft the conjunctiva, and the lids have ceased to adhere ; ulcer may be smooth, striated, or hollowed out, solitary calculi being usually round was essential to remember that the active principle of the gland was the villi of the intestinal mucous membrane into fat and carried thence by that the needle will point 30°, or nearly, west. Now what do you of some kind between the organism and the disease was established, but not zincold pd drop German Hospital, Philadelphia, was 400 grams, the minimum 110 grams,


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