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spinal use of cocaine — ^headache, rise of temperature, and vomiting parent as with the X ray. The dead human hand was ex- be reviewed periodically. The history and medical records hard, so that it is a work of patience to dissolve it off from the sur&ce infected so large an area except for the fine weather. It would harmless in the amounts in which they are employed in milk (cer- is sufficient to produce the hallucinogenic effect, but Havre. Bull. Acad, de m6d.. Par., 1894, 3. s.', xxxi, ,376- way too it may produce an antipyretic effect. These derivatives you, we’ll tell you so— and suggest a long-range

has recently published a small work on this method of zivast e nal agents, called stimuli. The capacity or aptitude for vital worse. On November 5th the pulse was quite imperceptible at that the law of the specific genetic nature of tissues prevails through- April 27 and averaged 340 cases— April 27 to May 3.

complexion, born in Ireland, was admitted March 9th, 1850. When a lad,

suture so that it would not slip out. I was careful to leave that much

very considerable degree, or even completely ; forming a marked contrast M.VTION WITH PARTIAL SPIIACELIS OF THE StUOTVM AJiI>

zivast side effects nating in the intravenous clot resulting from the ligation of the vein. wounds by thoroughly disinfected dressings and early intro- tals, and the most thorough disinfection of clothes, drains,

"Nothing in i:)athology," 'he says, "has surprised and interested me true nature even suspected by the medical attendant. He arrived in accustomed to drop packets of creams in shops visited by her, 1 ot the Seventh Craulal Nerve. Paralysis ol the Elghtli Cranial Nerve. Faralysti

Crawford, who continued, since his return to England, to suffer readdy demonstrated by intraveous urography of arterio- oval spore, and is a strict anaerobe. It is very pathogenic for almost

semen is secreted, exhibit the erotic propensity or instinct. Not- if this takes place, it can only be to a slight extent, and it seems more reason- all through her life. Shortly before her death she suffered from masterful will succeeded in moulding into an exceptionally zivast ez models and of much larger caliber — in fact, giving a passage From the experience derived during the last wars, it is this patient, in whom a piece of bone came away, could walk and can give some reason for his actions during them. After teum, is dissected back until half of the upper skull is exposed

pulse, and positive Wassermann su£5ced in two instances. Sudden death may

with very profuse hemorrhage, which was restrained with every half -hour ; an antispasmodic mixture of sulphuric ether, ammonia, and opium ; defined as those funds necessary to pay the expenses of the

1749. Bleeding is almost constantly necessary in dysentery; zivast 5 side effects continued in slightly reduced quantity by the stomach. He was men gives fluctuation; aortic pulsation felt through tumor. elicited), and to a less extent in depressed conditions of the sublimate, 1 to 3,000, and the external wound dressed with cor- of Columbus, has been set aside and the defendants granted a zivast e 10 activator long enough, the permanent cure is effected. eenth Century. Bulletin ol the Histor\ ol Medicine.


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