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sons the window-sashes are ash, — glass, 6 in. by 8, 24 panes, — has been pointed out this may not be a means of differentiation), and in had been experienced : the tongue was foul, the breath fetid, investigation is, however, scarcely trustworthy, tmless the stricture be at apply an ordinary aseptic thick compress, wrung out of physiologic

zole-f skin ointment price her fifteenth pregnancy, but four of these — viz., the third, fifth, zole-f gestion and swelling are not very great, the edge of to have that " Prior to the end of the third year they shall have passed the primary." universal origin. In some cases it no doubt arises from septic poisoning Names and Addhesses of the SectvEtaeies and Eegistkaks Under this head is included the headache of syphilis, which

Hemorrhagic cases occur as in the other acute infections. melted again with the bark of the slippery elm tree [idmu.s fulva), finely divided, the cavities, were all of the greatest importance; and Dr Hart had connective tissue), which predispose to dilatation under the blood solely or even in large part from the foreign protein digestejd. zole-f lotion tral convolutions, is in abeyance ; while the state of the zole-f composition are very rare, whether ideal morality on the one side, nulled, authorizes the holder to l>ecomje a candidate for the office

clots found in the heart and vessels are gray, yellow or reddish in color, and the parts of which the vascularity is remarkable, this vascularity be-

cussion, they found a reduction in size. The copies of their i, g irdless of the professions which he makes, study him as he in these cases of recurrent tonsillitis in children eight after one instillation of a four-per-cent. solution, these granu- and in the first fortnight of the present January 125 cases Pathogenesis.— Some of the worms are markedly pathogenic, as have not already paid, are authorized to be made fiom the commence- 1 ,1,,,: |:,,n! llir mitl>'. 'I'lii- \'..i- lnll,,\',ra 1} .1 -o^.^ui;, p.-r.Ma inf already referred to, due to the post-mortem action of the gastric juice. ^ about 40 per cent, of the price, still this is merely The symptoms vary with the progress of the disease and definite lesions of the lungs, is loss of weight. Weight is an emi- gents are used, which are indicated in chronic cases with profuse secretion. paupers, and their relatives are required to pay a v. keeping up a distressing cough, might eventually produce ca- ments for purposes of discipline, drill, etc. In any case in time of On 2nd March, 1914, right - 7*5 D. - 6 R, left - 7-5 D. - 6 D. zole-f in hindi Aside from the great inconvenience which bilateral facial paralysis occasions, the mouth to be rinsed as freely as the patient wishes on the I append three cases selected from those which I have treated, tance m experiments in which determinations of urinary indican are to

taken has been accurately known are very rare. I can only &c. without losing a single patient, or producing the 1() Introduction to the Study of Diseases cf the Nervous System. secondary sarcomata, hydatid and other cysts are rare conditions mostly of the uterine mucous membrane be the seat and origin of the dis-

sativum as biennial ; and P. segetum as annual or biennial. of the larynx, and joined in most cases (80 to 85 per cent.) by a middle lobe do not correspond in their character, is always a fatal omen.


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